Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Teachers - How to use Twitter for CPD

What is Twitter?
Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets".
A Tweet is an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day. Which means that Twitter is relevant and up to date, second by second.
When you follow people, their Tweets instantly show up in your timeline. Similarly, your Tweets show up in your followers' timelines. To see relevant Tweets to your interest, follow people who tweet about subjects you are interested in. Hashtags assign a topic to a Tweet. So, for example, Tweets that contain #Teaching are about just that. Click on a hashtag to see Tweets related to a topic.

Twitter for CPD.
As many schools across the globe are seeing their funding and training provisions being cut for their staff, it is becoming clear that individual teachers are personalising their own professional development needs.
What are the main benefits of using Twitter for Professional Development?
Up to date ideas! Teachers are always wanting to evolve and develop their practice, not wanting to teach the same way year on year. Being stuck within the confines of a classroom can be stifling, so gaining perspectives from those outside can be liberating.